AI Coaching for Enterprise

Noa Enterprise is like a bionic fly on the wall for leaders wanting to drive productivity and wellbeing in their organization. Noa is smarter and sharper than your average employee engagement survey. Noa provides monthly data, gathered in real time as your people are facing issues. It’s lead data, not lag data, that can highlight what’s actually limiting performance.

Relevant data is critical to business success. Quality data helps measure the overall state of affairs, and is not restricted to specific cases or events. When data is collected, tracked and analyzed in a credible way over time, you can measure progress and success, or lack of it.

Noa Enterprise administrators have access to monthly reports via their own secure company login. These reports provide:

  • An overview of the coaching topics discussed in Noa Insights by group (not by individual) over the specified period
  • How often your teams are checking in with Noa
  • How successful Noa was in improving productivity or wellbeing at the end of each AI conversation.

Protecting confidentiality while supporting enterprise

Coaching is a very personal and confidential activity, and coaching conversations and notes belong to the coaching client. Noa takes this very seriously and ensures that confidential data is not available in any form via Enterprise.

Noa’s confidentiality guidelines include that:

  • We protect the confidentiality of Enterprise users by eliminating any reference that would identify them, such as full name, username, department, or position title
  • We protect all Noa Insights coaching conversations from Enterprise, and only provide a summary of the coaching topic (as chosen by the user at the start of the conversation)
  • We protect all Noa Habits and Noa Reset conversations by providing no data in relation to these Noa chats. Users can choose to save their conversations, but Noa does not save and share.