Our Clients Say

Here’s what Enterprise users are saying about Noa.


"Although I enjoy face to face coaching, I was pleasantly surprised by the deep
insights I was able to gain through Noa Coach in a very short time. I would definitely recommend having
Noa Coach in your back pocket as a powerful in-the-moment coaching tool."

Michelle, Safety Journey

Here’s what our users are saying about Noa.

“The Noa Goals chat helped me gain great clarity and insight. The chat felt surprisingly friendly,
empathetic and supportive... like Noa was on my side!”

Karen , Senior HR executive


Noa Insights provided an amazing coaching session while on the go. The questions provoked some deep thinking and I left feeling energized. I did the whole session on my phone while sitting on a park bench!

Evan, Co-founder, Aboard

The added benefits of Noa Coach solutions


Accessible for all

Cost friendly. No one misses out.


Judgment free

Feel safe. There is no shame.


100% confidential

Users can open up. No topic is off limits.


Convenient and on-demand

On the train, in the lunchbreak or at 3am, Noa is there.


Supporting growth in productivity and wellbeing

Feel supported and valued. Best thinking every day.


Quality Enterprise reporting

Monthly pulse checks on what’s holding back best performance. Opportunities for interventions for trending topics.

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