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Making Coaching
Accessible Judgment free Confidential Available Your productivity champion Your wellbeing ally

Meet Noa.

AI Powered Coaching App.

Reduce stress and unlock your full potential with
coaching techniques tailored to you.

Noa Coach is the first platform to offer Ai in workplace coaching. It provides support to enable you to reduce
stress, be happier and be more productive.

Ask Noa Ai feature provides quick answers and simple conversations to help you feel relaxed and stay

Reset helps you manage those challenging moments at work and provide a pathway to enhanced wellbeing.

Tribe is a global forum where you can chat with like-minded people, share ideas, and support each other.

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Ask Noa Ai

Ask Noa Ai is the first platform to bring the power of Ai coaching to the workplace. Ask Noa Ai allows you to ask questions, get coaching advice, seek ideas and solutions and chat. These can support you to reduce stress and enhance your wellbeing in the workplace and in life. Our solutions aim to increase your happiness, productivity and success.


Automated coaching to support
your best thinking yet.

Designed to deliver the best outcomes in critical thinking. Enjoy the full coaching experience and quickly get to the core of any challenging issue in your world.

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Habit pursuit for positive behavioral change.

Deep dive into your habit setting world. Noa will effortlessly guide you through our brain friendly methodology, staring right at habit striving, habit formation and accountability.

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Supporting rapid mindset shifts.

Purpose designed to quickly reset your mind through those vulnerable, emotional or confidence killing moments. Noa is like your mastermind coach, right in your hip pocket.

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Your tribe to empower, educate and inspire.

Your online tribal community where we encourage sharing and connecting in a fun, authentic and safe environment. Tribe is across trending workplace and leadership topics.

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A journal of progress, thought and inspiration.

A confidential and accessible space to store habits, chats and personal insights. When we write about significant experiences, physical and mental health improvements follow.

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Supporting insight, intel and inspiration.

Your on-demand knowledge bank of webinars and wellbeing challenges based on the latest neuroscience, and aimed at enhancing productivity, focus and wellbeing.

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Noa Coach For Enterprise

Spend time on what really matters. Noa Enterprise helps leaders understand the real issues their people are facing. Show your employees you’re listening, and right there with them.

What Noa Can Do For You

Why Coaching?

In an increasingly complex and demanding environment, an effective coach supports high performance, motivation, productivity and wellbeing by shifting their client’s mindset and behavior. In short, coaching aims to turn habits into achievements.

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When Coaching
Met Neuroscience

Thanks to recent neuroscience discoveries, we know what happens in the brain and body when different coaching techniques are used. Noa’s chat solutions use the latest in emotional and behavioral neuroscience, as well as best practice coaching frameworks.

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