What makes Noa different

Noa uses automated conversational, or artificial intelligence (AI). Conversational AI are technologies, like chat bots and voice assistants, that allow computers to recognise human speech and text, comprehend what is being said, and determine the best response mimicking human conversation. That means every conversation you have with Noa is unique and, more importantly, tailored to you and your situation. Noa will continually ‘learn’ more about you from your Noa Insights coaching sessions, so she can ask meaningful questions to help you think and uncover insights.

Noa is developed using the latest research in emotional and behavioural neuroscience, best practise coaching frameworks and cognitive behaviour coaching (CBC). With many of our coaching conversations, we found the unhelpful stories clients told themselves were holding them back. Noa’s powerful AI helps users listen to their inner voice and the stories they tell themselves, and understand the beliefs that drive their behaviors. So they can get ‘unstuck’ and take actions they might have been putting off.

CBC can also help you feel in control of strong emotions. Through chatting, Noa can help you understand that emotions are directives not instructions. Understanding what your emotions are telling you means you can choose to respond in a more productive way, which can also improve your wellbeing and outlook.

What makes Noa different

Human coaches are inaccessible to most

Human-to-human business or executive coaches are not cheap. And usually not accessible to the average person. Even in organisations, they’re only available to around 5% of individuals, which means an entire population of employees misses the chance to grow through coaching. Noa changes that.

Noa Coach is an accessible way to access effective quality coaching. Because we use scalable technology that allows us to do all the hard work at the back end, Noa is available at a small fraction of the cost of even one single in-person coaching session.

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Human coaches are not available when you most need them

Traditionally, a human coach books your next appointment at the end of a coaching session. That generally means you’ll be going it alone from one coaching session to the next. And that can feel like a long time when you’re keen to accelerate your growth, or need expert insight as challenges arise.

Noa Coach has no restrictions on when, where, what time or how often you can tap into her AI applications, community or support tools. Noa is anywhere you want her to be, at any time.

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Human coaches are prone to unconscious judgment or bias

While most human coaches claim they’re ‘non judgmental’, it’s almost an impossible claim. We know that if you feel judged on your character, intelligence, beliefs or preferences, it can create anxiety and feelings of shame and isolation. This usually results in a ‘pulling back’ from transparent, open and honest discussions with your coach.

Noa Coach is guaranteed to be judgment free. This allows users to feel comfortable discussing their issues and to continue the conversation. They’re more likely to come back when they are struggling, which means Noa creates more opportunities to support them.

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Human coaches are conflicted when it comes to confidentiality

Business or executive coaches are almost always engaged directly by the organisation not the client. And human coaches must ‘report back’ to the organisation with progress. These conversations can lead to an ‘overspill’ of what was intended to be a confidential conversation. Putting the client’s reputation, image or position at risk. They can become ‘selective’ about what they share with the coach, and the process can quickly become ineffective. Research on conversational AI has already shown that Millennials, in particular, prefer AI because it increases anonymity and instant gratification, and creates a safe environment to share what’s happening for them.

Noa Coach eliminates the ‘confidentiality conflict’ – it works for the client first – while still providing useful high-level information to the organisation. No names or conversation specifics are included in our Enterprise Reporting, just trending topics and data. To focus investment and energy where it is needed.

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