What makes Noa different

She uses automated conversational, or artificial intelligence (AI). Conversational AI are technologies, like chat bots and voice assistants, that allow computers to recognise human speech and text, comprehend what is being said, and determine the best response mimicking human conversation. That means every conversation you have with Noa is unique and, more importantly, tailored to you and your situation. Noa will continually ‘learn’ more about you from your Noa Insights coaching sessions, so she can ask meaningful questions to help you think and uncover insights.

Noa is developed using the latest research in emotional and behavioural neuroscience, best practise coaching frameworks and cognitive behaviour coaching (CBC). With many of our coaching conversations, we found the unhelpful stories clients told themselves were holding them back. Noa’s powerful AI helps users listen to their inner voice and the stories they tell themselves, and understand the beliefs that drive their behaviors. So they can get ‘unstuck’ and take actions they might have been putting off.

CBC can also help you feel in control of strong emotions. Through chatting, Noa can help you understand that emotions are directives not instructions. Understanding what your emotions are telling you means you can choose to respond in a more productive way, which can also improve your wellbeing and outlook.