Noa Coach Pricing


A 12-month Human-AI Experiential Coaching Program

AU $415

per user/annum

12-month on-demand access to Noa Coach, a neuroscience informed AI coach (available on desktop PC, iOS, Android)

Monthly webinars aimed at enhancing NeuroFlexibility; a key contributor to wellbeing, focus and productivity

Weekly wellbeing challenges

Enterprise Reporting Data to inform strategic, people-led decisions

*All prices are in AUD exc GST where applicable

Noa Enterprise Pricing

Are 25+ employees using the Noa Coach platform on an annual paid basis? You qualify for Noa Enterprise.

In addition to all Noa Solutions, you have access to your company Enterprise Administrator dashboard, plus monthly Enterprise Reporting data, gathered in real time as your people are facing real issues.

Noa Enterprise

  • Noa Insights

  • Noa Goals

  • Noa Reset

  • Noa Tribe

  • Noa Notes

  • Noa Enterprise Administrator dashboard

  • Noa Enterprise Reports (available monthly)