Smart. Intuitive. Accessible. Convenient.
Interested in Automated Coaching for your Enterprise?

Transform Productivity and Wellbeing

Employees invariably perform at a higher level when they have support tools. Drawing on smart brain science, every user can tap into Noa tools to facilitate productivity, wellbeing and a sharper mindset.

Empathic. Supportive. Safe.

  • Accessible, anywhere at any time
  • Judgment free
  • 100% confidential
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Help Your Talent Shine

Today’s employees must be able to adapt at unprecedented speed. The rate of transformation in organizations demands employees who are composed, self-aware, agile, and committed to ongoing change. Give your talent the best chance to shine at a lower cost.

Let your talent shine by:

  • Providing tools to support exponential growth
  • Facilitating deep insight, not just supplying the answer.
  • Utilising modern technology that’s engaging, convenient, judgment free and confidential.
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Simplify Learning And Development

Learning budgets are limited, and traditional, face-to-face coaching is rarely affordable for the business. We’re forced to choose other options, such as a single day a year for learning the content and application (which is forgotten a month later). Noa Coach offers learning 24/7, every day, with an affordable outlay.

Support and simplify learning by:

  • Inspiring and empowering your teams to do their best work
  • Making learning and growth convenient
  • Ensuring growth is always relevant to your talent’s needs

Accelerate Your Business Results

Coaching is one of the most effective tools you have to drive business results. A coach can help people identify skills to develop, key strengths, and strategies for improvement. Coaching can focus on achieving goals within a leader’s job, or move in new directions. Almost any employee can benefit from coaching – from underperformers to your greatest talent.

Drive performance and productivity
for better business results by:

  • Providing an on-demand coach who helps clients develop strategies for managing new or complex situations
  • Supporting insight to help improve performance
  • Understanding what’s going on inside the heads and hearts of your teams with Noa Enterprise Reporting.