Why Coaching?

Elite athletes, dancers and even professional speakers have coaches. The business world is no different. It makes sense that business people should also have the support of a coach. In an increasingly complex and demanding environment, an effective coach supports high performance, motivation, productivity and wellbeing by shifting their client’s mindset and behavior. Having a coach is like having an experienced expert at your side every day. And shows your organization is investing in you, and you’re investing in yourself. In short, coaching aims to turn habits into achievements.

Coaching is not consulting, mentoring, nor therapy. The key difference is that coaching is future focused and helps you discover your own path. Noa won’t give you a solution straight up, but will intuitively guide you to find your own insight to determine the best solution for your situation. Outcomes are not pre-determined, because only you know what’s best for you. This is what we like to call exponential growth in self-awareness, insight and solutions thinking.

When Coaching Met Neuroscience

Thanks to neuroscience, we know what happens in the brain and body when different coaching techniques are used. These discoveries have transformed coaching. But we’re not just flexing our Noa intel muscle here. Our co-founder has been researching brain based coaching and is on her path to a PhD in Organisational Neuroscience and Emerging Technology. We really are a pack of geeks in this space. All of Noa’s chat applications are based on models we’ve developed utilizing the latest research in emotional and behavioral neuroscience, as well as best practice coaching frameworks and cognitive behavior coaching. And we know they work, because we’ve continually adapted this research extensively over 20+ years in business and executive coaching. Not to mention using them on ourselves every day.

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