Our Team

Martin Eyking Avatar
Martin Eyking

Independent thinker and doer. Owns a charity.

Nices: Family, travel, my motorbike

Vices: Coffee, ski, wine, head-scratching puzzles

Meg Price Avatar
Meg Price
Co-founder and Director

Research, Enterprise Reporting, and Sales & Marketing are her things.

Nices: Alpaca farming, neuroscience nerding and time with family

Vices: Gin, chocolate and adopting weird and wonderful animals.

Bob Hekkelman Avatar
Bob Hekkelman
Business Development

Globetrotter, optimist, solution seeker, connecting people

Nices: Mountaineering, friends & family, The Rolling Stones

Vices: Italian wine, golf gadgets, healthy obsession with cleaning things

Beaudine Borggreve Avatar
Beaudine Borggreve
Country Manager Benelux

Accessible and happy to share her enthusiasm about Noa Coach

Nices: Winning at tennis, Soho House, going on boats, living in Amsterdam

Vices: Losing at tennis, shopping, cocktails

Steph Walker Avatar
Steph Walker
Product Manager

Attention to detail is her expertise

Nices: Loves Italian food, the outdoors and vintage markets

Vices: Chocolate, Pasta and getting lost in different cities

Kateryna Stoian Avatar
Kateryna Stoian
Project Manager

Got a lot on her hands

Nices: Certified multitasker, practical thinker, has an active lifestyle

Vices: Boba, collecting books and promising to read them

Dmytro Smotrytsyi Avatar
Dmytro Smotrytsyi
Head of Development

Pushes the business forward

Nices: Laidback, perfectionist, healthy living

Vices: Video games, chess, chocolate

Kirill Chernov Avatar
Kirill Chernov
Head of AI

Provides the brainpower

Nices: Naturally curious, coding king, experiential eating

Vices: Coffee, hot chocolate, people-watching

Karlo Andrei Aguilar Avatar
Karlo Andrei Aguilar
Head of Design

Everything is designed

Nices: Exploring new places with family, creativity through the roof

Vices: Tinkering with anything he gets his hands on

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Protecting Your Data

Data Sovereignty

Client data is kept safely and stored according to sovereignty legislation and requirements. Data is processed in Manila and stored locally.

Data Confidentiality

All client data is encrypted at rest and in motion using secure protocols, such as TLS, SFTP or SSH. Only industry standard tools are used for encryption, including AES-256.

Security Assurance

Noa Coach’s internal security teams test its network and infrastructure to ensure its security and availability via our partnership with New Media Services. We engage state-of-the-art vulnerability scans and penetration tests to ensure continuous system stability and enterprise-grade security.

Third Party Disclosure

Noa Coach currently does not work with any Third Party Service providers. Noa Coach does not sell or trade customer information to third parties and strictly follows all confidentiality requirements for client data.