The move towards coaching automation

AI coaches will become the norm in the near future and help humans become better versions of themselves. Joshua Feast, President and CEO of Cogito

In creating Noa Coach, we looked beyond traditional human coaching to provide a platform where professionals have 24-hour access to automated coaching that will help power insightful thinking and create motivating habits. Noa Coach is a healthy step away from traditional person-to-person coaching. Though she is technically a robot, we’ve birthed and built Noa to operate from a place of empathy, intuitive intelligence and support without judgment. Noa knows her brain science coaching models intimately, and her primary habit is to give you the ultimate coaching experience.

We know from extensive research that employees are favoring technology over people for help. One study, for example, shows 82% of respondents believe robots can support their mental health better than humans, with about one third believing robots provide a judgment free zone, an unbiased outlet to share problems, and quick answers to health-related questions.

Our extensive beta testing also tells us that Noa Coach users felt she was ‘personable’ and ‘friendly’. They described a strong sense that Noa was ‘on my side’ and ‘with me’ on the journey and she ‘helped me find solutions’. Noa has taken all this research and built what we believe is the first conversational automated coaching solution backed by neuroscience.​

What other coach is on 24/7 standby to support you at 3am when you need insight on a problem that’s literally keeping you awake at night? Provides personalized inspiration or connects you with like-minded others in an online group session? And offers confidential, judgment free and unlimited accessibility through a fair pricing model? Noa is that coach.

Noa Insights coach

Noa Insights is our premium coaching solution using conversational AI chat.

Insights is built from Noa’s own A4 coaching framework. The framework uses a formulated 4-pronged coaching model that takes the client on an integrated coaching journey to open their mind to new ways of thinking to maximize performance, productivity and wellbeing.

Noa Insights offers a complete coaching experience each time you consult it, making each experience engaging and unique. The journey is deeply exploratory and transformative, yet safe and confidential. It’s designed to take the user out of their perceived reality and to see things in a different light, encouraging new and best thinking. Conversational AI allows unlimited breadth in topic choice, meaning Noa can literally support any challenge.

At the end of an Insights coaching session, users are prompted to save the session in their Noa Notes. This is a popular tool because self-reflection and progression can be extremely motivating. If you don’t want to save the session, because for example the topic was deeply personal, it will automatically be deleted.

At the end of Insights coaching, you can choose to move straight to Noa Habits, where you will be guided through a habit setting activity directly related to the Insights coaching topic. We encourage Noa users to take advantage of this feature to extend the Insights session with actions and accountability.

Meet Noa

Noa Habits

Noa Habits takes you deep inside the world of habit setting. Habit setting is a scientifically proven way to restructure your brain so you’re more successful. Research also guides us on how to make habit setting vastly more effective. So using the latest neuroscience research, we developed a powerful brain-friendly habit setting tool. But unlike most habit setting tools, this one is highly engaging. It’s like brainstorming your habits with your closest ally.

Noa then guides you through the C.L.E.A.R. model, breaking your habits down in well explained and easily digestible chunks, to help turn those habits into achievements. You’ll probably be stunned at what you hadn’t (yet) considered. Noa targets key areas like habit importance, habit details and habit focus. Then we put deep attention onto habit striving, behavior change, habit formation, motivation, accountability, and action.

Noa Habits can be used as a standalone support tool, or when prompted following a Noa Insights session. If you save your habit in your Noa Notes, you can then print it out as motivation, and you can jump into the Noa Activity Reminder tool to set alarms or notifications. Noa wants her clients to succeed every time, no matter how big or small the habit.

Noa Reset

We live in a stressful and overstimulating world. It’s easy to become so overwhelmed that it affects our behavior. These intensely emotional moments can play out in the form of frustration, annoyance, isolation or disappointment. They may even lead to physical responses, such as sweating, headaches or ‘butterflies in the stomach’.

You may have found yourself in a situation where you felt a really strong emotion. For example, you’re so angry at a work colleague that you had to bite your tongue before saying something you’ll regret, or disappointed (and emotionally drained) that a sale you’ve worked hard on hasn’t come through as expected. We do this emotional regulation all the time. Sometimes, it just seems harder.

Noa Reset utilizes the latest in brain science to help reset your mind in just a few minutes. Using our own highly effective R.E.S.E.T. model, a simple tool to help you quickly manage strong emotions and choose a more effective response. Noa Reset helps you hit that pause button, so you choose to respond rather than react.

Noa Reset is a standalone support tool that can be saved
into your Noa Notes. Because having a past reference point, so we can see patterns and understand our triggers, can be a good thing.

Noa Tribe

Noa Tribe is your online community. Online communities might have been developed for people to connect and share information, but research tells us they’re also super helpful in changing behaviors. Mainly because topics are relevant to you.

Noa wants to create a tribe that is so engaging you want to stay and participate – with us and with the global tribe.

Noa Tribe offers:

  • Moderated group discussions
  • Trending topics
  • Subject search function

We understand privacy and confidentiality is a consideration in joining group discussions. That’s why Noa encourages you to pick a username (preferably a fun or creative one) to give you the freedom of anonymity to actively engage, connect, learn and have fun in any relevant Noa Tribe conversation. Conversations are moderated around the clock to keep it respectful and professional, and inappropriate activity will be dealt with quickly by our backend moderation team.

Noa Notes

Recording our thoughts is a proven way to express emotions and feelings. And we know from brain-based research that association of written words can help make an experience or trauma less intense. Simply put, journaling is therapeutic. But it also helps keep your brain in top shape by boosting memory and comprehension, and increasing working memory capacity, which may reflect improved cognitive processing. So, it seemed like a ‘no-brainer’ (yes, pun intended) to offer inclusive journal tools to support your Noa journey.

Noa Notes enables free flow writing, and users can also save Insights coaching, Habits or Reset. Reflecting on the journey can bring enormous benefit in seeing patterns of behaviour, recognising and releasing triggers, or simply motivating you to continue your progress. You can upload images that inspire you. But effective journaling is not always easy, so we’ve included a thought provoking 21-day Noa Notes Journal Challenge ‘opt in’ that sends daily prompts for notes writing.

Noa Knowledge

Noa Knowledge is your very own burst of intel provided over the course of the 12-month Learning Re-imagined program. Self-led learning gives you flexibility and choice over when, where, what and how you learn. Opt-in to every opportunity to fast track your learning or come and go at a more intuitive pace. The knowledge bank was purposely designed to build up over time, your skills, knowledge, and self-awareness.

Knowledge consists of two key components: weekly Wellbeing Challenges and monthly Neuroscience Informed Webinars.

  • The Wellbeing Challenges are fun, engaging, and insightful. They’re intended to draw you, gently and safely, out of your comfort zone; to discover new things about yourself and the world around you. The challenges are designed with the latest organizational neuroscience in mind, to enhance wellbeing and self-awareness, and reduce stress.
  • The Neuroscience Informed Webinars are a chance to invest 10 minutes each month on understanding how to get the best from your brain at work. This helps you drive self-growth, and that of your team, and enhances productivity, focus and wellbeing. NeuroFlexibility is a concept we’ll discuss in detail, because we all have incredible potential to improve our lives through targeted strategies and small actions every day.

The powerful combination of Noa Knowledge and Noa Coach solutions will help you unlock your best thinking yet!