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How Coaching Helps in Employee Wellbeing

Author: | 18.11.2022

You have a routine that consists of getting up early, going through your morning rituals, getting ready, going to work, eating, going back to work, going home, sleeping, and then repeating the process. After a while, one day starts to blend into the next, and your actions start to become routine to the point where they are almost robotic.


Like Dolly Parton says, “It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it.”


Unfortunately, whether you admit it or not, wellbeing is usually not at the top of the list of things to keep in mind in the workplace unless it hinders productivity. Employees go to work to earn a living, and companies need employees to keep the gears of their business turning and the cash flowing.


The good news is that attitudes are changing. Business owners are becoming aware of their employees’ wellbeing and the benefits of investing in taking care of it. Some more surveys and studies show further proof. These benefits are rising employee retention, better performance, and improved employee experience. 


Because of this, employee wellbeing coaching and other services related to helping employees thrive are becoming popular.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing can be described as judging life positively and feeling healthy and happy. When we have wellbeing, we feel happy, connected to others, healthy and have a sense of purpose.


There is no set method or guideline for determining whether or not someone is truly well. Everyone is unique, with unique needs and perspectives on wellness. Factors to consider include physical fitness, the quality of a person’s relationships with family and friends, the state of their mental health, their current living conditions, and other aspects of life.


Everyone seeks to improve their wellbeing in some way, somehow. It is an optimal state to enjoy life fully and all that it offers.

What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing coaching is a practice in which you are encouraged to achieve your best state of wellbeing. A wellbeing coach is a professional who works with their clients on the journey towards their wellbeing goals.


A wellbeing coach does not point towards specific problems or concentrate only on them. Their strategies take a more all-encompassing approach, first identifying every problem that needs to be solved before helping the client create a unique plan.


For the reasons above, wellbeing coaching is a one-on-one affair, which means one wellbeing coach fully focuses on one client.


They are, however, professionally trained to be able to parse through a client’s problems and provide the tools that will empower the client to help themselves.

What Can a Wellbeing Coach Help with?

Workspace stress management

A corporate wellbeing coach can help you navigate everyday workplace stressors and recommend practical coping mechanisms to deal with stress.

Overall Health

Whether you need help maintaining prescribed steps relating to a health condition or achieving a personal health goal, a wellness coach can assist you with that. Your coach can lend a hand in incorporating the doctor’s recommendations into your routine or give you important reminders when needed.

Personal Relationships

Are you experiencing problems in your relationships at work and outside of it? Are your connections fraying at the seams or do you want to expand your social circle? 


You need to be in the right headspace to objectively address your relationship problems as well as take the right steps in self-improvement. How else will you effectively socialize?

Life coaching

You may be feeling burned out or lost, and a good wellbeing coach may be able to point you in the right direction. Perhaps you want to quell your uncertainty about your career, your future plans, or what you want to do in general.

Why are employees hesitant towards corporate wellbeing programs?

It’s good that more companies are doing more to care for their employees’ wellbeing. However, some factors add to the hesitancy of employees in accepting these wellbeing programs.

Unquantifiable proof and unclear directions

Everyone is different, with different lives and issues. Measuring or quantifying someone’s improvement can be difficult, not to mention the lack of a clear end point. What are the criteria for determining that someone is truly well, thriving, and flourishing? Coaches work to identify wellbeing goals and help keep people accountable.

Improvement largely depends on the willingness of the individual

No matter how well-designed or practical a program is, it won’t work if the person who gets it isn’t willing to participate or give it their all. After all, the first step towards improvement is deciding that you want to improve yourself.


Wellbeing programs must also be tailored according to an individual’s circumstances. A wellbeing coach can’t simply use the same approach they used on their previous client on their next client. Some people might simply lose their motivation when they think that they’re not making as much progress as they hoped.

Maintaining a program can be intimidating

It’s similar to the prospect of starting and committing to a workout regimen. You see the activities you have to do every day, the repetitions, the dietary requirements, and the strict schedule—and boom, suddenly it looks so overwhelming.


Changes, especially preeminent ones, can be challenging for others. This is especially true for people who find comfort in the predictability of their routine and those who have trouble adjusting to anything new. The same can be said for wellness programs.

Dealing with stigma

With the resources and technology available today, the approach to taking care of our health is significantly improving. But that does not erase the previously established stigma.


Misinformation and false beliefs are gradually being exposed and dispelled. The importance of maintaining both physical and mental health is now more widely recognized, and in-depth research confirms this. This stigma extends not only to having a particular illness, but also to asking for assistance and working to better oneself. 


But even if the person is aware of the corrections toward these outdated beliefs, there is still a period of adjustment and a fear of judgment from their peers. After all, it takes a while to shrug off a deeply ingrained mindset.


Many wellness initiatives, and most definitely one-on-one wellness coaching, can be pricey, and not all businesses can afford to make the investment for all of their employees. This frequently means that coaching or wellness programs are only utilized by a portion of the team.

Online wellbeing coaching as an alternate option for employees

A healthy workplace hosts healthy workers, and healthy workers create a healthy workplace. This positive feedback loop creates a win-win situation in which both the company and its employees have a share in the loot.


A wellbeing coach drives the employees to be healthier and to be their best selves. The coach adjusts to the client’s needs and circumstances, creating a personalized intervention plan that will yield the best results.


It is understandable that some people feel awkward disclosing intimate information to others, and mental health is not an exception. Meanwhile, some people do not like people figuratively hovering over them. But if you’re still not sure, what about an online wellbeing coach?


If this is the case, trust Noa to be your guiding hand, not just in your work but also in life. Noa is an online coach that adjusts itself with every interaction, designing the best approach for you along the way. 


During your sessions, you don’t need to worry about human biases or judgments. Additionally, it’s a more practical choice since you can always access it through your phone without feeling constrained.


It’s not your ordinary online chat, it’s an online coach powered by refined artificial intelligence and backed by the latest research and practices in the field. You can save your sessions for future self-reflection. Noa keeps no chat information. Only you can save your conversations. No personal details are saved so that you can feel secure knowing you can share and learn with Noa.

Ready to start your wellness journey? Let’s chat!

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