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A Glimpse of the Future: Why Do Humans and AI Work Better Together?

Author: | 06.04.2022

It may be true and self-evident that artificial intelligence and the future of humans are inevitably linked. Several studies show that around 4.2 billion people have used AI-powered voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to aid them in their daily endeavors. The number significantly increased in 2020. It is expected that the number will steadily rise to over 8.4 billion by 2024. 


The prediction is mainly based on the multiple benefits that AI can bring to its end-users.


That being said, Can artificial intelligence exceed human intelligence?


There is no denying that the capabilities of humans and AI are constantly compared. The breadth of what technology can do proves unfathomable at times, given that it can still be developed and enhanced based on human behavior and data sets that it is modeled after. As of writing, the concept of artificial intelligence overtaking human intelligence continues to generate numerous speculations around the world. 


The advent of various AIs and bots is so impressive that some fear the possibility of technology replacing humans completely. In response, researchers assert that even with the current technological advancements that the world is witnessing, artificial intelligence will likely never beat the processing power of humans. They feel that our existing neural network is insufficient to enable us to realize our ambitions of having a real-life Jarvis. Years and years of breakthroughs are required to accomplish this level of innovation.


On a positive note, it is also worth noting the many ways artificial intelligence improves humanity


Instead of worrying about a robot invasion, it would be best to shift the focus on generating superior results by combining the strengths of artificial intelligence with the capabilities of humans. 

The question of how will AI improve our lives has already been proven by countless major industries. These industries have been profiting from the combination of experienced humans and the most advanced AI algorithms.

1. Healthcare

Leading “behemoths” of modern technology such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM have all contributed to the revolutionized core foundations of the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations have aided scientists in developing astonishing medical breakthroughs—all of which have aided countless individuals suffering from serious and rare ailments. 


From data mining that’s focused on tracing and uncovering patterns, enabling laser-precision medical diagnostics, to medical imaging, drug research, and robotic surgery, AI has altered the world of medicine as we know it.


An amazing example of AI and human intelligence collaborating to augment medical operations is the IBM Watson. It is a type of cognitive supercomputer designed, to assist medical experts in detecting and diagnosing the existence of a rare type of leukemia in a quicker and more precise manner. With IBM’s assistance, physicians can easily identify more effective treatment strategies for their patients.

2. Transportation

When we say, “the future of transportation,” we are not referring to flying cars or automobiles traveling at the speed of light. That remains a far-fetched achievement as of yet. This is what’s closer to reality: Transportation innovation as a result of AI working with humans in the background has resulted in a considerable enhancement to our current way of transportation.


Tesla’s models 3, S, X, and Y are arguably the best examples of AI-powered automobiles at present. Tesla’s autopilot feature is powered by a special artificial intelligence processor named D1. This so-called AI chip uses machine-learning algorithms to train the car’s automated system to conduct self-driving functions. These automobiles look as if they came straight from a James Bond film.

3. Retail

The retail and e-commerce industries are definitely a cutthroat environment to run a business. As such, technology has effectively supported countless firms in ensuring they remain competitive and focused on their target niche. Human interaction with AI has grown prevalent in the majority of enterprises nowadays. Chatbots are critical in adapting to changing client behavior patterns, assisting businesses in remaining connected with their prospects’ tastes, and ultimately aiding them in devising more successful strategies to surpass their competitors.


Another advantage that AI can bring organizations is the ability to recommend products to customers. With the help of its highly adaptable algorithms, it is capable of predicting which products a customer is most likely to purchase. Amazon, eBay, and other digital marketplaces are gradually adopting this similar functionality. Finally, AI can be optimized to respond to customer inquiries in real-time, allowing businesses to address customer concerns more efficiently and effectively.

4. Coaching

AI-powered coaching is one of the top tech trends at present. The rapid advancement of AI promises to continuously increase the critical elements required, Consequently, it diminishes the need for drastic reassessments and changes in coaching-focused businesses for the sake of delivering more efficient service to their clients. There are numerous benefits that coaching organizations can obtain by incorporating AI into their business model.


First, it is economically viable. Enabling an automated coaching function enables you to delegate the heavy lifting to the staff’s automated counterpart without jeopardizing the profitability of the business. Automating coaching services frees up substantial time for growing existing users and profits without the need to modify pricing. Finally, while giving AI-powered coaching services, there is no need to recruit additional manpower. A few expert human coaches combined with intelligent AI algorithms would suffice. Save money and time when it matters most.

5. Financing

Money is an integral part of all businesses. Particularly, financing services require advanced computing systems as society continued to progress. Technology and machine learning have helped detect fraudulent schemes and ensure the security of online transactions. Additionally, there are now advanced software capable of forecasting market moves and assisting financial planners in developing effective investment strategies.

6. Manufacturing

The industrial business is rife with challenges that artificial intelligence-powered bots or systems could help to resolve. Manufacturing enterprises can finally say goodbye to equipment that malfunctions but for errors that are difficult to identify. Operations become more fluid following the reassignment of repetitive tasks to automated industrial machines. Additionally, artificial intelligence-powered bots or computers could assist in resolving supply-chain challenges across a particularly vast region by lowering shipping and delivery times for online products, among other things. This only shows how can AI and humans work together in more complex areas of the industry.

7. Real Estate

Maximizing the capabilities of AI in real estate opens up a world of opportunities for this industry’s workforce. AI and human collaboration allow agents to be more efficient in their areas of experience and aid brokers develop more strategic approaches. Also, with AI’s powerful predictive algorithms, agents can find the greatest house option for specific types of clients more easily.

The Future of Humanity with Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of AI to organizations are virtually endless. Automating business processes can improve the efficiency and economics of corporate operations through the constant enhancement of machine learning algorithms. The future of business with the assistance of AI demonstrates how AI improves humanity as a whole. 


Machines will not be able to take the place of humans. Rather, humans will work hand-in-hand with the most sophisticated AI to overcome even the most difficult hurdles that the industry and the world may face in the future.

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